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EcoSpex Inc.

Address: Toronto and Thornbury
Mailing Address: 225 Marsh Street
City: Clarksburg
Province: ON
Postal Code: N0H1J0
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  1. Providing the next generation of sustainable product procurement - EcoSpex verified product database.                                                       Leaders in verifying energy efficient and sustainable building products, materials for the Construction Industry. EcoSpex is an online platform for the construction industry, providing a single, trusted source for identifying, assessing and specifying verified sustainable building products and materials. We do 90% of the research that a professional or consumer would typically undertake to properly assess a building technology, building products or building material. We chase the manufacture for their data/documents and ensure the information is accurate, valid, relevant, and complete, once we verify the information we format it in a standardized format for your new or retrofit building projects.
  2. Linking electricity, water and gas technologies to incentive programs  Energy saving incentive and rebate programs are offered by Ontario’s local electricity distribution companies (LDCs) or utility companies to encourage implementation of energy efficient building products and systems. However, currently there is no centralized source to identify and evaluate qualified building materials for utility incentive programs. As a result, the construction and design industry and manufacturers are often unaware and unable to take advantage of valuable cost savings that would have made a difference in whether or not the equipment or material was installed in a construction project.  This has led to a slower uptake of energy efficiency and unrealised energy savings.
  3. Supporting LEEDv4 Requirements - LEEDv4 Toolkit                                  With the release of the new LEEDv4 rating program, new codes, product standards, material requirements, LCA, EPDs, and specifications performance requirements the EcoSpex toolkit can help support your in-house project needs. EcoSpex has developed a new service to support LEEDv4 in the pre-design, design and construction phases. Assemble your project and manage the process by reducing time, error, cost savings and efficiency, EcoSpex provides a single, consolidated set of technical documents standardized for different types of projects.
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